PT2.1 - Construction of Car

Construction started by glueing 2 stick to the bottom of the mouse trap, this formed the chassis of the mouse trap car. Next at the end of the 2 sticks, we glued 4 ball bearings from a skateboard onto each of the 4 ends. This was the ensure lesser friction between the chassis with the spinning of the wheels. We found that the bearings were prone to falling off as glue alone is not strong enough to deal with the force produced from the mouse trap, so we "encased" it with wood connected to the chassis to make it stronger. We later found that the car was too light thus we added a frame and a spoiler. We later found out that the frame actually helps absorb some of the force exerted on the car, which prevented severe damage caused by countless times of testing.


Width = 13cm
Height = 10cm
Length = 28cm
Weight = 150g (3.SF)

Because we were too engrossed in building the car, we only took a few photos

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